When we lose someone in our lives, how do we move on? The emotional ties to that special person, do they go away or remain? We miss them dearly, and their memories remain, but how do we deal with these feelings? One of my students wanted to express her feelings of losing her grandfather and aunt. It was very sad for her and she misses them to this very day. When a person loses someone that they loved, it leaves a hole in their heart. Love takes over a place in someone’s life. Emotions play a big part in one’s life. Without emotions, life seems not to have a purpose. We are all communal and without a human touch or contact, one is all alone. The very moment that an individual loses a loved ones, the grief is overpowering. It can be all consuming and powerful. In order to love after a loss, one must come to terms with the death that occurred. We never get over the death of a loved on. The memory stays with them forever. In order to love again, we must believe that it is okay to move on knowing our loved ones will be happy for us. In the end, it is okay to love again.

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