Do you remember your childhood and how carefree you were? Your imagination took you to places that were beyond any dream that you ever had. The innocence in your eyes as you discovered new things. This was a magical time full of new and exciting adventures. You could ride your bike carefree through the park, collect insects in jars, and even watch your favorite cartoons. All these memories stop as soon as we grow up. The hustle and bustle of day-to-day activities push those childhood memories to the back of our mind. No longer are we that carefree child whereas we never worried about a thing. Mortgage payments, bills, kids, work activities all get in the way. We never think to take a moment to remember because something or someone reminds you that you are no longer a child. We should never forget the happiness of our childhood or a wonderful memory that you have when you were a child. That foundation is what made us the individuals we are today. So the next time you are caught up in today’s stressful activities, take a moment to remember a happy childhood memory.

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