How do blended families survive in their daily living. A father with four children and a mother with three children in which the couple is in love complete. The children have mixed emotions over the union of their parents. When their family is in sync and everyone is happy, it is wonderful. But, when this couple is in turmoil, it is bad. The children miss their maternal and paternal parents. They sometimes act out in order to communicate their feelings. Can this situation work? Yes it can. The emotional ties that the couple shares are deep and tied together. They have a spiritual union which makes their relationship stronger. This blended family needs to communicate each person’s feelings. Remember the Brady Bunch? This is a perfect example of a blended family.  The parents should sit their children down and communicate how this situation will work. There is a lot of love in this relationship. In order for this blended family to survive. it takes a great deal of communication, a stronger spiritual bond, and the desire for the relationship to work. This union can only work if everyone can gives 100% commitment. Moving in a positive direction for this union can take work, but it is so worth it. Love, determination, and commitment can go a long way when you want a blended family works. The conclusion for this family would to communicate and not hide their feelings. Focus on the positive aspects of the relationship and deflect the negative issues. Make concessions and in the end, life will be much brighter.This union can be so phenomenal when it gels together. So in the end, can the relationship work> Yes it can…..

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