This is from my niece Tara Gonzalez–To WOMEN FROM ME. I was talking to a friend about a friend that was in am an abusive relationship. Well… I’ve been there. When it gets to the point that the person hits you the respect is gone. There is nothing left. Let it go out of your head that he will change. I remember my arm was hurt so badly I couldn’t move it. That wasn’t enough it got worse. I was punched kicked thrown and I was afraid to tell my ” business”. Finally I went to church with my friend I heard the p<span class=”text_exposed_show”>astor preach and it hit me. God got me away from.that. it starts with name calling then a push then an I’m sorry before you know it he’s kicking you down the stairs. To all women who.may be going through this. Pray from your heart for the ability to see your worth and to gain the strength to take slow steps to build yourself back up. Trust me you have it in you to be that woman he says that you are not. He does not love you. Realize that. There is no cooking , cleaning , sex, working, money, washing his clothes , staying home , giving up your dreams that will make him love you. He has taken your spirit you r his maid not his woman. A man loves you for you. If you don’t cook everyday he still sees u as a queen. Its not 1940 its 2015. Realize that once he gets comfortable you are now his rug and you lost yourself. Never lose yourself .Areal man builds u up! Says I got the dishes. Not beats you. That’s a coward a girl someone who needs GOd and his ass kicked. Move on be strong carry God with you when u feel u can’t do it. You can do it. He DOES NOT LOVE YOU.</span>

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