How does one describe your personal Imagery? When you see yourself through “The Looking Glass”, what do you see? The mind, body, and soul are all connected to a lineage that is unique as well as Eclectic. We are all different shapes, sizes, and colors. There may be some similarities to other beings, but that is very slight. In the realm of things, one should be the best that they could be, but that isn’t the way it really is all of the time. Some of us focus on our outer selves and not work on the inner being. These people can be seen by others as being a mere sea shell in the ocean of life. Others do the opposite and neglect the beautiful home in which we are stored. The secret of success in this life is to have a happy balance. Incorporate peace, love and understanding with a pinch of reality in the recipe. Walk through this life with your head held high and your feet planted firmly on the ground. Life has no rules. We are not guaranteed tomorrow. Do not judge yourself and be afraid to start over. Focus on you and your Life as you know, live and breathe it.

3 thoughts on “Imagery – A Positive Personification of one’s self
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    The true image of a person exists from within.


  2. I would like to thank you for your uplifting words. Todays world can be so downing to ones soul on a daily basis. Many struggle just to get moving in the morn. Your words are a positive light to be held in the heart so we may see our way through these dark pathways of life. Thank you for helping me to stay upright and on my square. You are an amazing person.


  3. I appreciate your prospective. I just heard a sermon about growth. Many times we must look ourselves in the mirror and appreciate all God has blessed us with. I’m glad you pin pointed everyone is different because that important to know and believe.


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