We are here on this earth for only a moment in time. It is hard enough to live in this world full of hate and ignorance. Each one of us may have a pet peeve that causes us to react in a negative manner. Make sure you understand why you feel that way. There are people on this earth that live for judging and hating others. I find this to be very sad. We are all unique. Different shapes, sizes, colors, We all bleed the same. What makes a person better than someone else? Nothing at all. Focusing on Peace and harmony can be great therapy. I am always talking about loving yourself before you can love others. This is so true. Love is not about material things. Love is from the soul. So if one can love so openly how can one hate on the same level.Is it worth the negativity? Can you imagine the energy to say and treat others in a hurtful manner? Many individuals hate because they either are ignorant in knowing about the person they hate, or they have been hurt by someone that may look like the center of their hatred. Are the feelings of hate really worth the negative energy? The drama of emotional hate towards others really brings out the worst in people.

We need to learn to let hateful feelings go. The emotional strain can be intense and the cost that it brings in your life is not worth it. As we look at each other and find something about them that we do not understand, focus on getting to know as much as you can concerning things or someone you do not understand. You might be surprised about the things you find out about them. There are many of us who are afraid of the unknown. Take a chance and get to know others. Focus on the unknown. Expand your level of knowledge. You never know what pleasant surprises are in store for you. Remember to always bring love, peace and understanding into your life.

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