What are the warning signs of a person that is suicidal? Do you feel that they are serious or are only venting their emotions. When we hear another person’s plight, we need to try and understand them. This is critical. IT is a cry for help. We may be in that same situation one day. Communicating with our loved one or friend can be a link to them redirecting their emotions of self hatred to understanding that they need help. This is the first step to healing one’s inner soul. We focus on the happy side of people. We run when they are in despair. Being a listening ear allows a person to open up and talk. Sometimes just being there helps. If we do nothing and they end their lives, we will blame ourselves for their demise. It is a emotion that no one wants to feel. The loss of a loved one through death by their own hand. Just think what type of pain they were going through just to end their life. Could this have been avoided? Possibly, if we listened more, been a friend or even someone that recognizes the signs of a individual going through emotional pain and suffering. To be safe is better than being sorry. Look around you, notice others and put yourself in their shoes. Do not let an opportunity to help someone pass you by. You may regret it later. One more thing. If that person happens to be you, know that life can be so beautiful. Taking one day at a time. Reach out to someone and talk to them. The life you save may be your own…….

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