We focus on their eyes and what beautiful ones they are. We focus on their physique and how built they are. We focus on the car they have and us driving in it. We focus on his fat wallet and how much money he will spend on me. Do these things really matter when it comes to the man of your dreams? What about his inner soul. What about the long talks that you share. The materialistic aspect has to matter because when the light goes off, what do you see? What happens when the looks go, he loses his job or can’t pay that car payment, what do you do? Is your next move to pack your bags and leave? Never look at him the same again?  A so called friend once told me to leave the man that I love simply because he lost everything. I turned my back on her, never to speak to her again. We focus so much on the outer body and not think about the inner soul.Why is that. I wonder where those lost souls that can’t love a person for their inner beauty are right now? In the arms of a smooth talking man that you don’t trust love or cherish. he may look good for now but what does that mean? You think you trust him but you don’t know where he is all the time. Your soulmate should change your inner being as well as your life for the better. He should support you from an emotional standpoint. His intellect rocks your world. His words of true compassion and sincerity opens up a door in your soul that no one has entered before. You then understand the beauty of his soul and the longing of words that truly touch you. The love of a man is real only if you have the courage to find it.

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