I have taken a position with a wonderful group of individuals and wanted to share this with everyone. I am a Therapist with RMS Resource Group! This is an amazing company because an individual can realize and work on their optimal wellness through Therapy with this facility.

For those of you visiting my site for the first time. Here is some info about me!

Chresencia Alicea began her career in the mental health world by working as a caseworker in 1984-1987 for the Benjamin Rush Mental Health Center. During her tenure, she moved up to become a Caseworker II. Chresencia decided to change careers and took a position at Bell of Pennsylvania in 1987 – 2014. During her tenure with this company, she earned various Post-Masters degrees/Specializations in the mental health field because this is her calling in life. Chresencia is earning her doctorate in Marriage and Family Therapy. In her path to serve many cultural and diverse populations, Chresencia saw a need to meet the demands of an underserved community. This need was to help those of the LGBTQI Population through therapy. This community has a voice and it needs to be heard on a larger scale.


As a Therapist, some of her specializations include LGBTQI Studies, Gender Studies, Sex Abuse, Intimate Partner Violence as well as Individual/Couple/Marital Therapy. Chresencia has developed and facilitated support groups in Grief Support, LGBTQI Family and Friends Connect Support, and Group Couples Therapy. Her clients range from children to Seniors. Chresencia considers it a great opportunity to work for RMS Resource Group. This organization is growing and the chance to advance with RMS Resource Group is unique as well as rewarding.




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