What is your life worth to you? How much do you cherish it? Life can be as big as you make it. The simplest life form in this world is worth something. When life becomes so bad that you want to end your own, stop and think who might it affect. The ones that you may not consider may be the ones most close to your heart. Your grandmother that may be sitting in her rocking chair, waiting for your call. The neighbor that you may help whose husband died 2 years ago that is grateful for your kindness in visiting her now and then. Finally, your friends that needed you from time to time in which you may have saved one of their lives and not know that you did such a great deed.

We all have felt that our lives weren’t of value. What stops some individuals from ending their life may be their child entering the room and saying “mommy, I love you”. Your dog or cat that just came up to you and licked you in the face knowing something is wrong. A life is something worth living. From the smallest to the largest living organism. Your life means so much to yourself as well as others. If you can say that you impacted someone or something in a positive manner just once in your life, then your life is worth living. You may not even realize that something you did made a positive impact on someone’s life. Think before you do something that will impact not only your very existence or the hurt and grief of others. Everyone’s life is worth living.

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