I am a Licensed Associate Marriage and Family Therapist and will help you discover your true potential. I work with The LGBTQ community and Heterosexual Community. My areas of expertise are: Anxiety, Depression, Social Anxiety, Self-Esteem issues, Mental Illness, Agoraphobia, Transgender Transition, Anger Management, Common fears, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Sexual Disorders, NPD, HPD, All levels of Abuse, resources for other issues, and other disorders.

My objective is to get individuals on the right track in their lives. Having a positive outlook on life allows an individual to look at their future in a new light. To own and be in control of your own life is your goal. Let’s work together to meet your objectives in your life.

Please reach out to me and discover what a new life of independence brings your way!

I work with a great organization that will help you get on the right track of life.

RMS Counseling Group

8103 Governor Printz Blvd

Claymont, Delaware 19703

To schedule an appointment with me

302 333-4333

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