This site is for individuals who are in the LGBTQIA Community and the Heterosexual Community who are seeking help in obtaining counseling for issues in their life. I focus on building self-esteem, mending relationships with families that may be estranged from their loved ones due to not understanding one’s life choices andthe right to be who they are. I am a Licensed Associate Marriage and Family Therapist that deals in a wide array of issues particularly within the LGBTQI Population. I provide the type of therapy customized to meet a person’s individual needs. Together we can find a resolution for your problems and look forward to a more positive tomorrow. No issue is too small or too big for you to resolve. Let me help you focus on a new beginning. Please reach out to me today. At RMS Resource Group, we accept Medicaid and most insurances. I work with an amazing group of individuals that operate a NO-JUDGEMENT practice. Every case is considered a serious issue and we can help you. If it is to repair issues within the family that may not understand your life choices, we are there for you. Your path in life and how you choose to walk that path can be aided with help from a Licensed Therapist that understands life has been hard and this path that you have chosen may not be easy. It is and always will be the decision to live your life your way. You can be the person that you always wanted to be through therapeutic care and assistance to boost your self-esteem and self-affirmation of pride and acceptance.

I not  only accept my life’s work to help the LGBTQIA Community, I embrace, it because it is my life’s passion to help others in this population of wonderful people. I work with clients that want to live happier and satisfied lives through self-love and positive affirmations. You do not need to make this journey alone. I am here to help you. I work for RMS Resource Group and would love to meet you and hear your story so that we can come up with a plan in order for you to live your life free without personal judgment and self-persecution. Help is just a phone call away. Make that decision today.

Chresencia Alicea, MBA, LAMFT, PhD (c)

RMS Resource Group

302 333-4333

8103 Governor Printz Blvd

Wilmington, De 19703

I have weekend and evening hours. Call and make an appointment today for a better outlook tomorrow.

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  1. I need a therapist for alcoholism and depression, can u help me?


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