Has anyone noticed that times are changing? The perspective of today is not of what it was yesterday. We look at the world from rose-colored glasses only to find that the world has not only changed, but it has also evolved into a new language, perspective that we have never seen before. Individuals are expressing who they are in a more defining manner. Labels or allowing one not to be labeled is the in thing. Gender non-conformity is now a present and accepting perspective. The era of pansexuality, LGBTQIA equality, and acceptance are out loud and proud. Heterosexuals are now sharing the world with other sexual preferences. The millennium or millennial generation has taken wings of expression to a Panglossian nature. The impact on the world through the eyes of this generation is all being, all seeing, and all knowing. How are the generations finding things that flaunt traces of similarity? Does one individual engage in a conversation with someone of another generation to agree or does it become so that they agree to disagree?

The perspectives that one finds can be similar in context but not in content. As an observer of all generations, one tends to ponder the question “Where is the consensus of understanding and will it ever come to be? The answer may exist as stating that each person that takes on a persona of self-love, self-embrace, and self-accountability will understand that to let others live as they choose would be justified. The perspective of yesteryear has disappeared or has it? Does it linger in shadows of the subconscious mind and appear just to raise an eyebrow, then disappear without even a verbal word of contempt? The ones that are full of opinions speak words that are true but what foundation exists from the perspective that they speak? The way one chooses to live their life should be respected because one may say that it is a choice, not a forced action or behavior. But what if it is not a choice? Say it is expected from an individual or they were born to exist as they do. The question should be why do individuals focus their entire existence in condemning others because of their own inability to live as they choose? The New Age Perspective may only be strange to ones that don’t understand that transformation is constant. The true reality is that each person’s existence is their own perspective. Whether it may be old or traditional, from a time that has past or is of the new age, it is a foundation of the individual that exists within themselves.