There are individuals that live their life to the fullest. They travel the world, are optimistic and meeting people and experiencing life to the fullest, then there are individuals that only exist. They are on a routine every day and it is a consistent merry-go-round to nowhere. Where do you stand? Are you in a loveless relationship and pretend you are happy when you are dying inside? Do you continue to acquire materialistic items yet this still does not make you happy?

We all live in a world that allows you to celebrate life and live as you choose. Some of us hate the person inside and that subconsciously takes it out on others that are innocent. How is it that many of us look at others with envy and jealousy because they feel that their life is all kittens and rainbows, The truth is that things may not be what they seem. The one thing that a person should remember is to make yourself content by living your best life. Take care of your health. Have a me day and simply LIVE, LAUGH, AND LOVE! Do that until it makes your stomach hurt. Love yourself Love your higher spirituality and be the best there is to be! Don’t take life or others for granted because when you really need someone, they may not be there. Youth is wasted on the young so let’s pretend in our hearts that we are young, but with the knowledge, we have now. Focus on the future as a bright beautiful field of Lavender. Take your shoes off and walk through this field, feel the gentle breeze on your face. Smell the beautiful scent of the lavender flower and feel the calmness that goes through your body,

Take the time to Love yourself and Love others Always remember LOVE IS LOVE.

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