To be rich in life, the path that one takes has to be truly eventful and life-changing. I still continue to do my work and passion for helping the LGBTQIA community, I have traveled a new path in my life. The new road in life that I, Chresencia Alicea LAMFT, Ph.D. (c) have traveled has led me to work as a Licensed Associate Therapist at RMS Resource Group. Rose Strab LPC, Clinical Director and owner of RMS Resource Group, helps lead others in obtaining the tools as well as travel the road of life in such a positive manner.  Rose has changed my life in such a Panglossian perspective, she has been truly amazing to me and my path to knowledge and enlightenment! RMC Resource Group is a team of professionals that have taken therapy to a whole new level. Rose is the Guru of High Conflict resolution aspects within a systemic family setting and is amazing in focusing on grounding Therapy techniques which produce phenomenal results for families.

Rose Strab and her team at RMS Resource Group have brought therapy to the community. This organization provides a sense of well being for the mind, body, and soul. A systemic process that establishes a foundation of walking through a successful path in your life starts with working with the team of wonderful people here at RMS Resource Group. We provide an individual the chance for renewal and rebirth through customized therapy just for their needs. RMS Resource Group offers a new perspective that individuals can realize their true potential in life. RMS Resource Group provides the community with a team of specialists to address the needs of the community as well as the entire state of Delaware.  As part of a team, I cover a wide range of therapy concepts that can successfully help people deal with the challenges in their lives. The team also includes Bernadette Allen MBA, MFT, and other specialists that cover various types of other services such as Deep Tissue Massage and Therapeutic Massage  As a group of individuals committed to helping individuals find their true road in life, we here at RMS Resource Group are just a phone call away. Everyone needs help to get back on the right path to well-being for the mind, body, and soul. Seek that enlightenment today!

RMS Resource Group

8103 Governor Printz Blvd

Claymont, Delaware 19703

302 333-4333